Monday, September 19, 2005

A Bummer of a Friday

Who could have ever thought a 4th grader could bully their own teacher. Ya it was a bummer of a day. I finished Friday totally frustrated at the fact that I had no control over the kids, and all the while feeling they were going to take with them constant memories of a mean lady always telling them to be quiet and pay attention. I walk a fine line where I am trying to be a good teacher/role model but also be liked. I'm terribly afraid I won't be liked. I was just flat out a rough day, and I'm glad it's over.
I don't know why it matters whether I'm liked or not. It should matter most that I provide constant guidance and respectful teaching. I guess that will be my new focus for the future. I just had all I could take on Friday, so I can now look back and say you can only go up from here. I was struck even harder when my husband told me I was bossy.. I could have sank through the floorboards of the car :( It's my past come back to haunt me, being told I am a bossy person. Hope I can work on that one.

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