Thursday, October 14, 2004

A bit of thanks.

It was a pretty sorry day. I sat in Firestone for 2 freakin hours ( to get another tire for David's car). I worked on the place today. Started with the desk and pretty much ended with it :(. I really enjoy trying to get our apartment to look more like a home. Oh, I also took down one of Besa's pens so we'd have more room in our living room (for all the company we have coming). I moved around her other pen in our bedroom which gave poor David a little more room on his side of the bed.

Now for the thanks. I am soo blessed to have such a wonderful husband. You have a lot of time to think about things up here while you are stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. I have enjoyed having to drive him to work in the morning because we have a little more time to spend together.
For the little things, he puts the toilet seat down, EVERY TIME! I almost take it for granted since I have never really had to deal with anything other than that. But my gosh its nice. He is an incredible cook. He'll even help with dishes. He always knows when something is wrong and is willing to survive my awful mood swings EVERY time they come around. If we are in a fight.. as sad as it is.. he is always the first to attempt to make it up.

I really don't have any idea how to put to words what I was feeling today. The thoughts of having kids and telling them how wonderful it is to be in love, talking to girlfriends who are dating and looking for Mr. right. I can only pray for them that they find the same ultimate companionship, love, and entire package I have found in my own marriage. I cringe now to think that I tried to shake off that love. The true love David has always shown me. That love, unconditional love, is so extremely amazing. I can't imagine not having someone to share your life with. It's so amazing. They are always there for you, with you, know you more intimately than you may even know yourself sometimes. I look at people who get married after only knowing each other for a short while and am amazed. I couldn't do it. I can't imagine not having gone through a lot with someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with. It makes things sooo much less awkward. I've known David for 5 years. We are practically joined at the hip, and this too I would definitely not change. Its wonderful knowing you have someone to come home to, to share your day with, everything and anything because they are there and full love for you. It provides such comfort that you could never image or explain if you have never felt it before. When I was little I asked my mom how she knew dad was the one. Its again that thing you just can't explain, and some people spend their entire life trying to find that perfect person. Even when I talk about things being so tough and painful. I can't imagine my life without David. He is so amazing and wonderful to me. I may not show it nearly enough but God I am blessed to have someone who loves with EVERYTHING. Even when I was completely blinded by my own problems and desires, he stood there waiting, and continuing to love with open arms. He has always given with no strings attached. David I love you.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I have decided.. well life sux. Things really look up, and you find out... it was just a stroke of luck pulling your leg. Up and down. I've had it. Why can't something good actually happen for us. I know I should have just shut my mouth and never said a word because as soon as I did everything fell through. I've never been so frustrated. I guess we just need to get back to slowly building happiness for ourselves and forget looking to events/other people to make me or us happy.

Monday, October 11, 2004


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Just can't sleep (4 am), but that's ok, I'm not complaining. Yesterday was surprisingly a wonderful day. David and I didn't really do all that much, but things finally began to fall in our favor. We tried to take Besa to a dog park. Pretty cool! Unfortunately, I felt awful because she has to have a license to go, and I didn't know this till we were standing outside the fenced area (mind you with quite a few pups!) She was heartbroken, but I plan to fix that this week. Soon we will have another fun and relaxing activity that the entire family can enjoy (crossing our fingers to meet fellow dog lovers as well)! On a happier note. We were feeling, well very lonely. In a matter of 3 hours, one of my best friends Melissa called to ask to visit, my cousin who lives in D.C. called to invite us out for dinner and to see their new place (unfortunately for that same weekend but finally we have a contact hopefully we can get together with more often than our distant friends from Memphis), and one of David's good friends from home is a lot closer than we had ever imagined to coming to work here in Vienna. These opportunities have truly given us something to look forward to, as well as sparked a new light for me to get our place looking more like a home. Yeah!!! I can't wait to start fixing it up again. I had reached a lull and was stuck in a cleaning and not doing anything to settle the place in mode. Hopefully I'll have some creative and inexpensive ideas to make our second room a better addition to our little home. I am very excited and can't wait to start this new week with so many things to look forward to.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Today...for lack of a better title

To start with, there really hasn't been much of today to talk about.

I am a complete bum. I woke up and took a shower. No sooner had David left for work, I was back on the couch sleeping with Besa. Well, not a bad thing, since I got some really nice sleep :) Unfortunately I slept through some good HBO movies. Eh they'll be on again, no doubt about it.
Like Tuesday, I spent the time while I was awake cleaning the house. I can't emphasize enough how much work it is (and we only have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, on the same freakin floor!) I have to give
MAJOR props to women who are the cleaners of the house, work 40 hours a week, and come home and manage to cook as well. You are AMAZING, and I am sorry if no one has ever told you that before. I look at myself with only 2 real days off (not counting my usual Sunday off) and can't imagine why the hell I'd even want a house, especially when there would be little time to enjoy it if you have to spend days off keeping it straight. No fun, no fun at all.
I know after all my rambling I am about to talk about what I did today, a complete contradiction to all my whining about keeping the place straight. I went to check out a new dwelling, due to a postcard from the mail yesterday. Needless to say, pretty nice places, but not like Vienna. I think I may be in trouble. Too spoiled from the nice surroundings. Our little town is very similar to Germantown. (the place I will ALWAYS call my home) Vienna is a little very quaint town, a lot more packed in with shops than Germantown, but in every other aspect very similar. While work at Tyson's seems to only be a few blocks away it always takes 15+ minutes to arrive. One thing I did a great job taking advantage of at home. Pretty much no traffic to worry about so I was bad about waiting till the last minute to leave.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bittersweet day.

Bunch of swinging today... Major highs on the verge of major lows. I won't explain myself but I'll talk about one of the "lows" Today we officially signed the note to say we are not going to buy our condo. Well that makes me happy because we will have a lot more leeway to do fun things and have time together, rather than focusing on making payments, etc. But, I know now we will regret it. In a month we'll watch our place be bought for one and a half times the current asking price and know we could have made that money ourselves to help buy something for the future. But that keeps us from being tied to the ground of this condo. I love to look at places and am excited about considering other options (cross my fingers a condo may find its way to us) not likely but I can hope, maybe even a house... VERY LONG SHOT! :) but I am nostalgic due to the fact that I have never had a place of my own and I have really come to enjoy the the finer points of this place. Eh.. with one door closed.. you may find yourself in a tight little box, but remember even if there are no noticable doors.. someone had to put that box together thus the tape won't hold ya in forever and if you push hard enough you'll get out.

Mmm debates... Fuuun.

I am not one to step up to confrontation. When someone plans to talk to me about something they are steadfast about, go ahead, I'll nod and smile. I really shouldn't always take it , but I don't ever feel I know enough about a subject to be able to banter with someone. Especially when they choose to vent on me about something political. Geeze there are a lot of em up here. (political people I mean) But wait that comes with the territory, I'm almost in D.C. Can you imagine coming to work and on the board someone has written "have you registered to vote, Can you name the political leaders in your area"... sigh mercy. yes I have registered: its the first time in my life I feel I can finally make a conscious decision about my choice and back it as well. I think its time to exercise my right to democracy. On with the realization of the day: No matter what you do to gain information within an organization, its virtually impossible to get a consistent answer! Whatever happened to, or maybe there never was, consistency and continuity within an organization? Not to name names I am "red flagged" likely due to the fact I have just recently married. "No you are just fine in the computer, you were probably flagged due to they thought you were not a US citizen." WTF?? C'mmon people those answers are on two completely different hemispheres. At least when I give you the reason given to me by someone else within your organization, can't you back them up? Nope, guess not. Gotta make up your own stupid reason. Eh whatcha expect. Debates... eezz tearin' him up one side and down the other. Its a debate of two totally different generations. "Boy sit down and shut up" ... lol

Monday, October 04, 2004

Three Pumpkins

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LEGO ROCKS! Takes me back to my childhood. The pumpkin pack has got me started again, creativity at its finest. I am ready to build more now. Here I have 3 little cuties and they don't even stink up the house! Can't ask for much more. I could even put a light up under the big one if I had one to use. Thought they would make the condo a little more festive.

Besa In Coat

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Our little LL Bean spokes dog. The little Havanese, we put up with her, she puts up with us. Can't a girl have a little fun. I don't torture animals that often.

Full Coat Preview

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I promised Besa I would embarrass her with the new humiliating coat we bought. Don't worry, come cold weather, she'll be beggin to have it on and be thanking us for not freezing her little booty off! Hopefully it will save some time for me when we have more rainy days. You should have seen her the week Jeane (hurricane) hit. I took her out dry and we were back in both drenched to the bone. NOT FUN AT ALL. soo for prevention in the future she's got this to wear. Don't think there won't be more stupid clothes for the future. BOOTIES are on the way :)

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Finally went to church early this lovely morning. Its about time, having been here for going on 3 months. Everything takes time.. and I would be lying if I said it wasn't wierd going away from home.
#1 ... nodd... just don't know what to say. Kinda sorta like home.. just a little. Felt totally stared at but hey, its because we are new.
#2 My lord you have to give to have a church up here. Mortgage of 47K a month! Get out of town. I never really thought of having to pay to go to church before, but I know to have a place of worship even dream of surviving, you MUST give. I think I realize I can appreciate the free ride in the past, and I now need to prepare to give for the future.
#3 This congregation is stinkin lucky. Your people can actually sing, there are kids who play instruments ( nice one's at that ) for you and are very talented. (you could use some SERIOUS work with that handbell choir, they were pretty sorry!) the church has a sound engineer. Cmmon give me a break. You don't get that in Memphis! normally.
#4 Only here would you find a police officer directing traffic for a Catholic church. (as David pointed out) I thought I had died and gone to heaven thinking the Baptist population doesn't always have everything.
Finally, as a little side note
#6 David's comment: "not many people go to chuch around here" (in response the the filled parking garage) My response: It's cuz they are Catholic. If it were the same Baptist filled condo you would find down south, the lot would be a deserted wasteland, the entire day. (I must give them props) I know bad, bad, but I count myself in with 'em. It's not Christmas, Easter, Lent, a special holiday, so what do you expect. I am kidding, but they were WORSE than us for leaving chuch after the Eucharist. :) father's down south, count yourselves lucky more than half stick around!
God... it was good to be in your presence again. I missed you.


Guess what! I now have my very own full set of golf clubs, crazy hu?!
Think I might just get serious about this stupid sport. Well it's not stupid, so don't get offended. I just swore up and down I'd never get into golf of all sports.
Lesson number 1 : Never swear :)
but for the moment I'd take anything to get out of the condo and get my butt in shape, cuz I'm packing on the pounds like a Christmas turkey :( Gunna do something to fix that hopefully. I made sure to test 'em out today too. Did pretty well.
I forgot to mention, I not only have clubs, but I am fully outfitted too. New bag, cool putter, some Nike balls and a glove. Can't ask for much more. I am extremely lucky! David may even end up stealing the putter if I don't guard it :) I'll keep with the updates on how the practicing is going. Don't think I just woke up one day and wanted clubs.. it was only a partial impulse. David wanted a new driver and it was all downhill from there :) Just kidding. He bought one and we immediately went looking to play somewhere. BOGEYS you can eat my shorts. This driving range kicks your ass and that's why you are only a memory. So we've been there every night for the past 4 days. I'd played with David's clubs for 3 days, but was itching again to get a complete set of my own. Thanks for making that come true babe. Pretty nice story hu?

Random: Where'd the weekend go? Guess that comes with working retail. (even though I can't really complain when it only takes up 5 hours of my Saturday) Gave the dog a bath today... doesn't that sound boring. Yes I have no life. The after debate discussions/arguments/attacks/hype/ flat out b/s is driving me nutz. Guess it comes with the territory (D.C. and XM news radio)

Here's a funny/ironic story for ya. Actually it's just one that pissed me off.
Just a regular old night playing playstation (our favorite for the moment Tiger Woods '05) we've been pretty occupied by buying the new virtual gear and competing against each other in tournaments. Well, earlyish evening on Thurs night, we wanted to relax, so of course out came the controllers. On with the power. NOTHING, not a damn thing. "DISK READ ERROR"
What the hell? So I looked it up online. 3 hrs went buy trying to fix it. Come to find out we have a stupid warrenty on the darn thing. So in roughly 2-3 weeks we may receive a voucher to get a new PS2. Nice, the one time we actually have the darn thing covered, it's worth it. But not really. We like to play games... every night. Sooo that's just not good enough. Ok.. 2 days go by. I slip, and say "why don't we just play... oops sorry we can't. Alright, let's just buy a new one." off to get a new one at Best Buy. Well after searching the racks.. where the heck are they? X-Box is out but no PS2. Mmmkay. Ask the sales d00d. Come to find out, let me see if I got this right, the Sony plant that makes the "chip" for the PS2 (whatever that means) burned down, and the workers went on strike (or something of that nature) Sooo they were completely sold out. "So there is a run on them???" well we had a few yesterday but they are sold out again.. Ok, Target. NOPE, bare shelves too. What freakin luck! Bad luck that is.

Ok, venting has ceased. I'm out.

Saturday, October 02, 2004