Sunday, April 24, 2005

Another day

Not much going on here since I last posted. Things are now getting down to the wire, and I dread every day I sit in our guest room and force myself to get rid of more stuff. I'm scared to death that I'll end up not having things organized to a "T" and we won't have the stuff we'll want for the 4 months we are without our junk.
It's going to be a whirlwind week. I've sold our beautiful whale of a TV. I admit I'm going to miss it a lot.. Hey wasn't that TV one of the reasons we decided to ditch the fireplace at our new house.. Oh well. We are shipping a car and then will be without our stuff for the rest of that day that the movers pack us up. It's going to be really freaking annoying night. No cable or internet. We are going to lose our minds. At that point we'll have the dog, an air mattress, some clothes, and our computer. Oh what fun. Eh, I said we go to bed around 6 and if we wake up at 3 in the morning.. Let's get going on the road. I know I'm nutz. I just realize it's going to be a "fun" night.
I am already getting nostalgic about the place, calling it "home" n stuff. Something that I never really did. I think I'm annoying the piss out of David for it too. I am anxious about just getting this damn drive out of the way. I dread it with a passion due to the nice accident we had on our first try going up here. (I'm mainly scared to death of the rain) I teased Besa today by asking her about going to see her "seester" [sister]. She knows something is up since I got her crate down and have been messing the house up royally.
I am now realizing how much I am going to miss the people and friends I have made up here. I'll just be spending all my time referring to "well in VA..." I know that's going to get old for some people. Ah, too bad.
The weather has been a pain lately, it's kept us from going to golf, and needless to say, David's been going nutz. I am ROTFLMAO about how I spent Friday arranging tubs in the BMW to know what goes where and what we have room for in the car on our trip down. Needless to say, that was thrown to the wind. After having a knock down drag out fight about having to cart our "electronics" with us in the car/having all the electronics dropped off to avoid having them being ruined from sitting in storage. The golf clubs are now NOT going on the truck and have become a priority item to have with us on the trip down. There goes the entire trunk! It's hilarious. But it will be nice when we finally get to Memphis. That first week will be like the spring break we didn't get last year. David will be able to stay and work from home for the first week, giving us time to settle in. Sigh, I can't imagine how these 4 months are going to go.. It's going to be REALLY interesting. My other agenda is to get my wisdom teeth out asap.. I WAIT WITH EXTREME EXCITEMENT! not. I'm scared to death like a little baby. I can't wait to have my own horror story! I know, stop with the pessimistic thoughts. On with a new day, and hopes for a better tomorrow.

Saturday, April 16, 2005


It's been just what the title suggests. Boring.. But eh that's ok. I had a fun Friday. Got my computer back from the shop.. nice! Glad to have er back. Went shopping, which is always fun, but I always end up feeling bad for spending money. Went to visit my favorite Cost Plus World Market store where I picked up the last of the really awesome modern looking hanging picture frame. :( bummer they didn't have more than that one. That place is the bombdiggity. I know.. I'm as far away from ghetto as it gets.
And I took my 1st, no 2nd step into a Tiffany's store. GOD those people have a rod stuck up their butt. I can't figure it out. I stood at a counter, 5 sales people were needless to say doing jack $h*t and not a person helped me for a good 5 minutes. Talk about what the heck. I decided to get my ring cleaned, which was the only redeeming part of the visit. (at least the people there are civilized) Maybe I'm just phobic of stuck-up, rich people. Something about that holier than thou attitude that is a complete turn off. I can only imagine what the guy's jaw did when David went in to get my ring in CA. "I want that one" then handing it price tag first to David. What a prick. Decision made, thank God for online catalogues! Ok.. I'll back off the rampage now.
And the countdown has begun till the move. Only 12 days left. Wow. I've been in VA for.. almost 10 months. Never would have thought I could do it. It was TOTALLY worth it. Scary beyond belief being away from everything I've ever known, but it's been a bonding/learning/growing up experience. Don't get me wrong, I have so much growing up to do. It's been a blessing to have had this time away with David. I think we are closer now than we have been in a really long time. It's going to be a bummer we are going to be pretty much back to that whole experience of being apart like we were before the wedding. But we've done it once, we can do it again. Needless to say, I'm getting scared that I am going to freak out when I am alone at home when our new house is built. It was bad enough when I house sat with for my parents. I was always afraid to come home alone. Hmmm don't like to think about that one... but at least we will have friends a street away. Guess I'm going to have to carry some mace, teach Besa to be an attack guard dog, and learn K-rA-TAE! Hieeee YA. I know you can see it now! WhAtever.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Originally uploaded by ldschae.
I've decided that I should be the official mascot for the release of the new "Tiger" operating system. I know you think I am a retarded monkey and I'm obviously kidding... to a point. Needless to say I had a little fun (point number one: don't ever be without set things to do when you are without work) (point #2: don't be without work :) So.. I decided to dye my hair.

Now after having prior experience with having my hair dyed you'd think I'd be a little more prepared for the outcome. Well I was, kinda. [I know what wonderful English ;)] So I did one of these little 2 step kit thingys, and I'm orange and skunked. Brunettes, and I'll clarify that with dark brunettes, should just flat out beware. I only tried to go to a lighter brown with highlights.. complete crappy experience. I tried to test it on a piece of my hair, but of course that gave me basically no results that I could judge from. So, balls to the wall and sucked it up. (the balls to the wall thing was easy b/c I obviously don't have 'em ) Eh, its not so bad to be a UT fan!! What the hell am I saying..Quick! Where's the blue dye??!! And after a week or so I know it will fade, it just happens to look like someone grabbed some chuncks of my hair and bleached them golden. It's only been a day so I'll give it some more time... ok times up... just kidding.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

At your request

Due to the multiple gripes.. *just kidding* I have gotten in regards to keeping this up to date, I've taken it upon myself to put up a brief (hopefully) post. < not so brief after all. oops.
Needless to say as most of you know, I have quite a bit more time on my hands for the moment. My time right now has been spent dedicating myself to getting everything lined up to move, YEAH, not. But it has been a learning experience nonetheless. I am, however, dissapointed in the abundance of tall tale tellers out there. To put it bluntly.. I'm ticked so many people feel so comfortable lying. Trying to get a straight answer from anyone is virtually impossible no matter what you do and now my blind trust is beginning to fade, which maybe a good thing, but its also put me in a position to be very gunshy about trusting anyone. [must be that I've been in a box so long, I've never realized what's out there].

Beyond the moving part (well not while my computer is away) I'm working on creating a new .Mac [html] site from scratch. It's coming along, but very slowly. So hopefully I will get a bit further in the passing weeks. I'm also waiting to install final cut express and very anxious to sink my teeth into some video again. My friend Steph from home has some projects she needs a boost and push on, and I am eager and willing to provide the support.

-RANDOM COMMENT- Today I got a pick-me-up hearing Better than Ezra on the radio. (What the heck) That's a rare occurance, and a strange one at that. It seems they may be releasing "A Lifetime" on their new album as a single. Radio jockey said this "new" song is coming out soon on their new album. Anyone who knows the band knows the damn song has been out for a LONG time. Guess BTE decided to take advantage of one of the "most requested songs" from their concent tours. Neway the song perked me up and got me into an I-going-home state of mind. Good place to be. _End of Randomness

So back to my progress. at the moment I'm going to fool with trying to set up a live streaming webcast. Something I know SQUAT about. SO it's going to be a fumbling experience. Interest lies with having a "nannycam" for the dog. It's also a possibility that I will be attempting to lend services to the people in the new subdivision (petsitter) and I think it might be fun to offer them a chance to see their 4legged friends while on vacation. Nothing like psycho-attached dog lovers :) takes one to know one. And if you are looking for anything other than dog streams, you may as well just give up now.

All-in-all the day was great. Got a chance to get spruced up and look a little more presentable, which these past 4 days has been a plesant change from my staple outfits of jeans and a black t-shirt. I just got too comfortable being sloppy.