Monday, September 19, 2005

A Bummer of a Friday

Who could have ever thought a 4th grader could bully their own teacher. Ya it was a bummer of a day. I finished Friday totally frustrated at the fact that I had no control over the kids, and all the while feeling they were going to take with them constant memories of a mean lady always telling them to be quiet and pay attention. I walk a fine line where I am trying to be a good teacher/role model but also be liked. I'm terribly afraid I won't be liked. I was just flat out a rough day, and I'm glad it's over.
I don't know why it matters whether I'm liked or not. It should matter most that I provide constant guidance and respectful teaching. I guess that will be my new focus for the future. I just had all I could take on Friday, so I can now look back and say you can only go up from here. I was struck even harder when my husband told me I was bossy.. I could have sank through the floorboards of the car :( It's my past come back to haunt me, being told I am a bossy person. Hope I can work on that one.

Monday, September 12, 2005

A new respect

Since by now if you ever attempted to keep up with reading my crazy rants, if you catch this one quickly you either have too much time on your hands, or are obsessed with me. Just kidding, all I can say is if you haven't given up hope and thinking I have fallen off the face of the planet you are a good person, one who definitely perseveres. Neway a lot has changed over the past couple of months. I have since moved back home to Memphis, TN! David and I gave up hope on our adventure of building a house and have since purchased and moved/tried to settle into a preexisting home. Pretty darn cool. It's a gorgeous,brand new 2 story house, as you can see from the pictures I posted on dot mac. Never would have been able to fathom the burden of cleaning a place this big. But I'm working on it... Even having a tiny zero lot line yard is a task to reckon with.
Needless to say, this summer I took a job with Williams-Sonoma which I loved but as the summer wound down I went after the job I have always wanted to have. I took a job as a 4th grade teacher's assistant and the IT assistant to my mother-in-law at the local Catholic Church. ( can't get much better than having your job be 5 min away) So my first, real full-time job. Way to go me, especially since it's about time, after having waited a year to get anything accomplished!
And now I approach the topic of my article heading. I have a new found respect for the world teachers embrace. I really don't know how they do it. Gathering a group of rowdy, loud and headstrong children. I associate their role to one of a mother duck getting her chicks in line. Nurturing them, wearing a smile everyday (more often because cute kids just do it to you) giving them confidence, pushing them toward a common goal of independence and self-reliance. Dealing not only with each individual child's problem, but also dealing with their parents as well. I have stepped into a position of role model, because with everything I do I have 23 pairs of eyes watching my every move. You are there to set the standard. The scariest part of it all, I remember more of my 4th grade year more than any other year in elementary school. That really freaks me out, especially since maybe one day these students will look back at their 4th grade year and remember me! Very scary. I even have to be conscious of how I look in public. Since you wouldn't want to be caught by one of your kids while you are out to the movies, looking like a hoochie. (not like I'm out wearing belly shirts and daisy dukes) This position for me is a step into a new realm of adulthood. Eh, maybe this is one step closer to learning how to be a parent. Who really knows. I had to laugh at myself, for after only 2 days of work I was telling David "I want ONE!" Never thought you'd hear that from me, ever, did ya. Believe me it was a change for me too. They are just so darn cute. The little things that excite them (Simon says, The prize box, and bringing a drink as a special treat on Friday) never thought something so simple could mean so much. You really forget the simple joys when you get caught up in the big world.
They are so inquisitive. I get asked about everything, which car in the parking lot do I drive and why? where do I live? Why do I have my ears pierced 2x, and do I like it? That was a fun question to answer. At the beginning of school I got my ears double pierce for the fun of it. Carol (mother-in-law) was getting hers done for the first time, and I have to say piercing can be addictive (once you get past the fear of pain part) So now I have another random set of holes I have to adorn w/ something fun. It's sad, but I hope I am not looked at differently b/c I have my ears double pierced. (Since David says those people are hoochies. Guess I'm one now too!) I figure it's just a random desire and I'll let them grow out later when I get sick of not being able to look dressy when I have 2 sets of holes to deal with. (maybe that's just a random misconception I have about it). Well as I've now written a small novel I will quit for a bit and add more of my ventures later. Adios.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To own or not to own...

Ever think you wanted to own a house? Well, I've always wanted one too, but don't think your not stepping into adopting a brand new baby (I'm not kidding). You've got to feed it, clothe it and wash it too, first hair cuts, new accessories to make it happy just to name a few.
I don't know how people do it (especially move into an older house!) Geeze. Mortgages, escrow, closing and surveys, sinks that fall, roofs that leak, fences to mend, and lawns to mow (or not in our case, kick the lawn mower b/c we couldn't fix the lawn mower) blinds for 20 eyes ( who ever had a baby w/ 20 eyes!!! geeze, could you imagine the eye dr. bill!!, maybe that whole baby analogy is a bad comparison... or maybe not) Refrigerators, and grills, and propane Oh MY... It's been a true blessing though. I love this stuff! Oh, and boxes and more boxes, where's the silverware O my!
So I spent the first week, well, surrounded by boxes. Began w/ the bedroom, after all I'd have to go there at least once a day and actually have to wade through it too. So I began w/ the closets, his first, mine next. Too much room. Not really. I love it. Next the kitchen, well until the sink fell (long story, something about granite and not attaching it right the first time) Putting up plates, and finding all the dishes was fun. Being petrified to scuff the wood floor after the final seal, I never thought I'd get over my anal retentiveness to having guests w/ shoes... now after tonight I just have to convince myself that it's going to get dirty (after having vacuumed and wet mopped to get up the grass. dirt, dust and junk brought it) I have to say it looks mighty fine though.
By the way, how come no one tells you bubble baths in a jetted tub are a pain to deal w/. Oops, too many bubbles.. and the jets, well they were on too high and I ended up soaking the entire master bathroom including myself (fully clothed) w/ water b/c the jets were aimed up as well.. Darn em' all. It stunk. I had to laugh at myself though.
I think we never could have found a better builder, he's been a dream to work w/ even after the house is done and sold he keeps coming back on a dime to fix whatever ails the house.
Well at least I now have my own street address! and a yard to go with it too. Fun stuff. Weeding isn't too bad. Mowing w/ our situation will be interesting. Whoever built the gate didn't smell the folgers before that morning of nonsense. Ever heard of 2 gates to help a person out on a zero lot line to get the dang blasted mower to the front of the house?? Eh everyone else (on either side of our house and all down the street, they've heard of it!) guess that will be the next ann. prez. And for my birthday money (gift card to lowes) I bought a step ladder, dust mop, outdoor trash cans, shower curtain rods, and a butt load of lights, how fun is that??? not. I had a blast the 2 days, no probably 3 full days worth of playing in Lowes. I love that place, just bummed I never got to use the gift card for paint like I had planned. (not like I can even see the end of unpacking to get to the walls to paint at the moment!)
Outside the home, I've continued to work at Williams-Sonoma trying to restrain myself from buying the entire store ( I have someone watching out for me :) if I can't sit on it, I'm not buying it, [she keeps me in line] since we need furniture) Besa is doing well, well that's a lie. She's moping like a baby, missing her sister after the 2 months of continuous play. I'm no the verge of getting another job. I'll reveal when it's official. Hmm.. and finally I'm continuing my poor playing streak w/ the Germantown Country Club's ladies nine hole league. ( but having a darn good time doing it )

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You just have to laugh.

I think it's just a vicious cycle. That's how things go. I've lived my entire life watching the people I know grow up and move away. Then I was the first of my friends (with the exception of one) to get married and move away. After 9 months of missing the one place everyone always tries to leave (Memphis), I'm back home and watching my closest friends take their step and move on. Tonight was the icing on the cake, and reality slapped me in the face. Stephanie, my best friend and only person I met while I was at the U of M, is moving on. Now I knew darn well when moving back I couldn't depend on these people always being here, but geeze, I must have the worst possible luck. Melissa my best friend since 1st grade topped off the evening with telling me she's interviewing in Nashville tomorrow. Wow... knew that was coming, but not that quick though and I was still hanging on to the hope that someone still liked it here. I can't trick myself into believing they will ever want to come back either. I know what it's like for me and they are both very different, searching for adventure. I have to laugh because I'm back in old home town and making new friends, something that seems ironic since I'm not a new person in a new town. [however I'd be close minded to think there wouldn't be new people out there to meet, Memphis isn't that small!!]. It's just been a bummer of a night. However, in the midst of the disappointment, new situations have popped up that have confirmed the fact that the move back was meant to happen. I continue to have the best of all situations, things are going very well otherwise. In 2 months we made the move we were planning on for the future (in about 2-5 years) I mean our house downtown, with hopes of moving to G'town. Well we are almost, well basically officially there. Hopefully we'll be moved in by the end of the month, worst case it will be the first week of July. Not bad at all. Well that's it, I am just thankful for the new friends I am making, and I truly hope I'll continue to make many more!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Daily junk.

Laura's club (golf) of the day. [actually of wed and thurs]
Wednesday: 7 iron played basically the whole first round of 9 holes with the 7. Of course using the sand/pitching/putter
when necessary. Did pretty awful too. 62 but didn't do as poorly as I did that afternoon or on Thursday.
Thursday: the 7 iron ( the letter L for "Laura's club" abandoned me along with my putter) so being the fickle person I am,
the favorite for the day would have to be the 8 iron. Really wanted to piss the 7 iron off by going up just one
club. Maybe the Laura iron will be out of its grumpy, worm-burning state today.
Friday: yet to be determined, will know by the end of the day "couples match" maybe we'll lose :) just kidding I know we
will. We both NEED to seriously work on the "Mad skills"

So news for the week. We did end up getting out of our downtown contract to build a house on Mud Island. Bummer, but nice while it lasted, and our new love is hopefully to become our new home. (hopefully we'll be closing before the end of the month!!!) How awesome is that ;) I've obviously been playing golf (my only pastime for the last week.) Got my wisdom teeth out. Guess any bit of smarts I had left I just lost... I know, bad joke. Had another birthday to round it up a year. (feeling old) and to top off the week I applied for one job (with no call back, HUGE BUMMER!) but put in an application at another and was hired on the spot. It was hilarious, but sadly I will likely need to look for something else too. (the job doesn't guarantee any hrs. 0-20 maybe) soo.. big bummer for the need to make at least some money, but nice b/c it is back in the same shopping center I been in for 4 years :) LOL. It also helps that I knew the person who hired me, girl from church and the University of Memphis. I will hopefully be on the schedule for the following week! (BTW I am going to be working for Williams-Sonoma, need to brush up on the culinary knowledge and skills) pretty sweet. I'm holding out for a possible teaching job at the local church. (hoping to help with their IT stuff and maybe be a teacher's assistant) Who knows, but at least I can finally say I'm employed again :) mucho happy about that. Have a great weekend.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

They are out!

Well I stick my tongue out to all who tried to scare me about wisdom teeth. That was a piece o' cake! Weirdest feeling in the world to be on Nitrousoxide. Freaky. Felt like the tubes were going to crush me, and I thought I was going to feel the whole surgery. Man was I wrong! lol.
Supposedly I woke up and said "so when are we going to start" and I repeated myself.. a lot. So I meticulously spent the day switching sides with the ice = no swelling. SWEET!!! Ate a medium frosty from Wendy's over the course of that day. The only freaky part of the whole thing, I felt FINE, like nothing had happened, and almost fainted from losing some blood and from a twinge of pain. Today I helped dry and nail clip 2 dogs. Vacuumed the living room after the flying fuzzballs, and played 9 holes of golf at Germantown for the first time. Pretty Damn good for the day after surgery. I'm darn proud of myself. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too :) pilates around 6 am, golf maybe 9 or 18 (haven't decided), the FedEx St. Jude classic for the final day, hmmm.. more anxious waiting for the response from the down town house (waiting for them to say what the heck will happen with the contract) and pray to gosh that the new find will not be bought before tues so we can have it! wouldn't that be the coolest birthday present!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Greedy.. No??

The weeks are winding down. Boring, but it's been a bunch of fun to go out with old friends! Must take it in before they off and move away too. David and I now belong to Germantown Country Club,we've decided our golfing habit is going to be more of a continuous thing, we decided to go ahead and shoot for it. Good exercise, chance to meet some people and a beautiful place to go. We just need to get out and use it before the temperature hits 110 degrees. Oh how I love Memphis Summers, and allergies! YUCK! ack hack, sneeze, sneeze.
I am now totally motivated to get my butt up and going on the job hunt :) needless to say, the faith in our "downtown" house being finished, well at the moment hopefully it will be freakin started this year, ((totally blowing that out of proportion)but, that may not matter any more). I began looking in the Germantown area (where we have grown up and learned to love as well). Didn't take long for David and I to fall in love with something. Oops. It took, less than 15 min. Oops again. Never would have expected that. Sometimes things work out better in the long run and all I can say is hopefully this will work in our favor. ((I am crossing my fingers, and arms and toes)) We are totally in love with this one. Just have to justify that we can afford it, and also that we'll stay in it for A LOT longer time. [don't think that will be a problem]