Saturday, May 28, 2005

They are out!

Well I stick my tongue out to all who tried to scare me about wisdom teeth. That was a piece o' cake! Weirdest feeling in the world to be on Nitrousoxide. Freaky. Felt like the tubes were going to crush me, and I thought I was going to feel the whole surgery. Man was I wrong! lol.
Supposedly I woke up and said "so when are we going to start" and I repeated myself.. a lot. So I meticulously spent the day switching sides with the ice = no swelling. SWEET!!! Ate a medium frosty from Wendy's over the course of that day. The only freaky part of the whole thing, I felt FINE, like nothing had happened, and almost fainted from losing some blood and from a twinge of pain. Today I helped dry and nail clip 2 dogs. Vacuumed the living room after the flying fuzzballs, and played 9 holes of golf at Germantown for the first time. Pretty Damn good for the day after surgery. I'm darn proud of myself. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too :) pilates around 6 am, golf maybe 9 or 18 (haven't decided), the FedEx St. Jude classic for the final day, hmmm.. more anxious waiting for the response from the down town house (waiting for them to say what the heck will happen with the contract) and pray to gosh that the new find will not be bought before tues so we can have it! wouldn't that be the coolest birthday present!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Greedy.. No??

The weeks are winding down. Boring, but it's been a bunch of fun to go out with old friends! Must take it in before they off and move away too. David and I now belong to Germantown Country Club,we've decided our golfing habit is going to be more of a continuous thing, we decided to go ahead and shoot for it. Good exercise, chance to meet some people and a beautiful place to go. We just need to get out and use it before the temperature hits 110 degrees. Oh how I love Memphis Summers, and allergies! YUCK! ack hack, sneeze, sneeze.
I am now totally motivated to get my butt up and going on the job hunt :) needless to say, the faith in our "downtown" house being finished, well at the moment hopefully it will be freakin started this year, ((totally blowing that out of proportion)but, that may not matter any more). I began looking in the Germantown area (where we have grown up and learned to love as well). Didn't take long for David and I to fall in love with something. Oops. It took, less than 15 min. Oops again. Never would have expected that. Sometimes things work out better in the long run and all I can say is hopefully this will work in our favor. ((I am crossing my fingers, and arms and toes)) We are totally in love with this one. Just have to justify that we can afford it, and also that we'll stay in it for A LOT longer time. [don't think that will be a problem]

Sunday, May 08, 2005


It has been a wonderful week back in our humble town of Memphis. I could have gagged, no that's not right, I about choked, no I DID choke when I heard the TV commercial for an "Elvis" mini-series/movie on tonight. Sad thing is, the darn thing was being shown throughout the nation. Guess I'm bitter because I had to watch those stories so many times when I was a kid. I about died laughing when I went to visit the parents tonight. I knew for darn sure they would be watching the stupid show, and to top it of I even knew they'd be recording it too. Its pitiful. It is hilarious how we would leave the city and Elvis would follow us like a bad horror movie ghost ("Scream" comes to mind :) ) Maybe it has something to do with my parents curse?? (Mom born on his birthday and Dad on his death day?) eh not a curse, just a weird coincidence.
Neway, tonight is a bit of an adjustment. It's like I'm back to the days before I was married. My first night sleeping alone in almost a year. I am thanking God for our little pup. I don't know what I'd do without her. She will be my savior when we move into our new house. Being alone is going to be an adjustment. Besa is funny, she always checks for him when we come home separately. I fear this week is going to be a rude awakening for her. She'll likely drive me nutz wondering where he is. Bummer.. but they are VERY attached to each other. Cute though. She's chosen to leave the side of the bed open, just in case he decides to come home tonight. Love you Bear.

Bummers for the week. David won't be home till Friday, I am getting so much closer to having my wisdom teeth out (consultation on Tues) and I didn't get to go out with Charity tonight.. bummer! But I know something good will come out of the week.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I can't begin to describe the wonderful feeling of being back at home. Being surround by old friends and seeing their genuine excitement to have you back makes being here so much sweeter. It's been fun again, going out around town wondering if you will bump into someone you know. It has also yet to sink in that we are here for good right now. I've felt like this entire time I need to rush, rush, rush because this is another short weekend that we have to take in for the moment before we go back. This time I do finally realize I can't say, "ok we're ready to back 'home' " because normally after the 3 days we are ready to be back on our own turf and independent again.
All in all, it is truly wonderful. I am yearning to find something to make me feel useful. I'm anxious and nervous about feeling out of place since David leaves to start the official travel part of his job next week. I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I'm a scardy cat about looking for a job because I always talk myself out of stuff since I think I'm not smart enough to do it or that I just won't be able to hack it. (being yelled at if a manager, destroying someone's computer if I kept working at Apple and aspired to do more) I really need to take a lesson at SUCKING it UP, and just step forward to try. Sigh. Things will start to fall into place, but being jumbled at the moment is an uneasy feeling. I just don't even know how to begin since I've never really recognized what drives my happiness. I feel so superficial too often :( it's a downer. What would truly make me happy in life? What do you think, and what do you know that I don't? I have an incredible husband, who has given me the opportunity to do whatever I would like to do, and I'm stumped. I've run down a lot of possibilities, but I'm always thinking what am I missing. Go figure.