Tuesday, April 12, 2005

At your request

Due to the multiple gripes.. *just kidding* I have gotten in regards to keeping this up to date, I've taken it upon myself to put up a brief (hopefully) post. < not so brief after all. oops.
Needless to say as most of you know, I have quite a bit more time on my hands for the moment. My time right now has been spent dedicating myself to getting everything lined up to move, YEAH, not. But it has been a learning experience nonetheless. I am, however, dissapointed in the abundance of tall tale tellers out there. To put it bluntly.. I'm ticked so many people feel so comfortable lying. Trying to get a straight answer from anyone is virtually impossible no matter what you do and now my blind trust is beginning to fade, which maybe a good thing, but its also put me in a position to be very gunshy about trusting anyone. [must be that I've been in a box so long, I've never realized what's out there].

Beyond the moving part (well not while my computer is away) I'm working on creating a new .Mac [html] site from scratch. It's coming along, but very slowly. So hopefully I will get a bit further in the passing weeks. I'm also waiting to install final cut express and very anxious to sink my teeth into some video again. My friend Steph from home has some projects she needs a boost and push on, and I am eager and willing to provide the support.

-RANDOM COMMENT- Today I got a pick-me-up hearing Better than Ezra on the radio. (What the heck) That's a rare occurance, and a strange one at that. It seems they may be releasing "A Lifetime" on their new album as a single. Radio jockey said this "new" song is coming out soon on their new album. Anyone who knows the band knows the damn song has been out for a LONG time. Guess BTE decided to take advantage of one of the "most requested songs" from their concent tours. Neway the song perked me up and got me into an I-going-home state of mind. Good place to be. _End of Randomness

So back to my progress. at the moment I'm going to fool with trying to set up a live streaming webcast. Something I know SQUAT about. SO it's going to be a fumbling experience. Interest lies with having a "nannycam" for the dog. It's also a possibility that I will be attempting to lend services to the people in the new subdivision (petsitter) and I think it might be fun to offer them a chance to see their 4legged friends while on vacation. Nothing like psycho-attached dog lovers :) takes one to know one. And if you are looking for anything other than dog streams, you may as well just give up now.

All-in-all the day was great. Got a chance to get spruced up and look a little more presentable, which these past 4 days has been a plesant change from my staple outfits of jeans and a black t-shirt. I just got too comfortable being sloppy.

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