Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To own or not to own...

Ever think you wanted to own a house? Well, I've always wanted one too, but don't think your not stepping into adopting a brand new baby (I'm not kidding). You've got to feed it, clothe it and wash it too, first hair cuts, new accessories to make it happy just to name a few.
I don't know how people do it (especially move into an older house!) Geeze. Mortgages, escrow, closing and surveys, sinks that fall, roofs that leak, fences to mend, and lawns to mow (or not in our case, kick the lawn mower b/c we couldn't fix the lawn mower) blinds for 20 eyes ( who ever had a baby w/ 20 eyes!!! geeze, could you imagine the eye dr. bill!!, maybe that whole baby analogy is a bad comparison... or maybe not) Refrigerators, and grills, and propane Oh MY... It's been a true blessing though. I love this stuff! Oh, and boxes and more boxes, where's the silverware O my!
So I spent the first week, well, surrounded by boxes. Began w/ the bedroom, after all I'd have to go there at least once a day and actually have to wade through it too. So I began w/ the closets, his first, mine next. Too much room. Not really. I love it. Next the kitchen, well until the sink fell (long story, something about granite and not attaching it right the first time) Putting up plates, and finding all the dishes was fun. Being petrified to scuff the wood floor after the final seal, I never thought I'd get over my anal retentiveness to having guests w/ shoes... now after tonight I just have to convince myself that it's going to get dirty (after having vacuumed and wet mopped to get up the grass. dirt, dust and junk brought it) I have to say it looks mighty fine though.
By the way, how come no one tells you bubble baths in a jetted tub are a pain to deal w/. Oops, too many bubbles.. and the jets, well they were on too high and I ended up soaking the entire master bathroom including myself (fully clothed) w/ water b/c the jets were aimed up as well.. Darn em' all. It stunk. I had to laugh at myself though.
I think we never could have found a better builder, he's been a dream to work w/ even after the house is done and sold he keeps coming back on a dime to fix whatever ails the house.
Well at least I now have my own street address! and a yard to go with it too. Fun stuff. Weeding isn't too bad. Mowing w/ our situation will be interesting. Whoever built the gate didn't smell the folgers before that morning of nonsense. Ever heard of 2 gates to help a person out on a zero lot line to get the dang blasted mower to the front of the house?? Eh everyone else (on either side of our house and all down the street, they've heard of it!) guess that will be the next ann. prez. And for my birthday money (gift card to lowes) I bought a step ladder, dust mop, outdoor trash cans, shower curtain rods, and a butt load of lights, how fun is that??? not. I had a blast the 2 days, no probably 3 full days worth of playing in Lowes. I love that place, just bummed I never got to use the gift card for paint like I had planned. (not like I can even see the end of unpacking to get to the walls to paint at the moment!)
Outside the home, I've continued to work at Williams-Sonoma trying to restrain myself from buying the entire store ( I have someone watching out for me :) if I can't sit on it, I'm not buying it, [she keeps me in line] since we need furniture) Besa is doing well, well that's a lie. She's moping like a baby, missing her sister after the 2 months of continuous play. I'm no the verge of getting another job. I'll reveal when it's official. Hmm.. and finally I'm continuing my poor playing streak w/ the Germantown Country Club's ladies nine hole league. ( but having a darn good time doing it )

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