Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You just have to laugh.

I think it's just a vicious cycle. That's how things go. I've lived my entire life watching the people I know grow up and move away. Then I was the first of my friends (with the exception of one) to get married and move away. After 9 months of missing the one place everyone always tries to leave (Memphis), I'm back home and watching my closest friends take their step and move on. Tonight was the icing on the cake, and reality slapped me in the face. Stephanie, my best friend and only person I met while I was at the U of M, is moving on. Now I knew darn well when moving back I couldn't depend on these people always being here, but geeze, I must have the worst possible luck. Melissa my best friend since 1st grade topped off the evening with telling me she's interviewing in Nashville tomorrow. Wow... knew that was coming, but not that quick though and I was still hanging on to the hope that someone still liked it here. I can't trick myself into believing they will ever want to come back either. I know what it's like for me and they are both very different, searching for adventure. I have to laugh because I'm back in old home town and making new friends, something that seems ironic since I'm not a new person in a new town. [however I'd be close minded to think there wouldn't be new people out there to meet, Memphis isn't that small!!]. It's just been a bummer of a night. However, in the midst of the disappointment, new situations have popped up that have confirmed the fact that the move back was meant to happen. I continue to have the best of all situations, things are going very well otherwise. In 2 months we made the move we were planning on for the future (in about 2-5 years) I mean our house downtown, with hopes of moving to G'town. Well we are almost, well basically officially there. Hopefully we'll be moved in by the end of the month, worst case it will be the first week of July. Not bad at all. Well that's it, I am just thankful for the new friends I am making, and I truly hope I'll continue to make many more!

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