Friday, June 03, 2005

Daily junk.

Laura's club (golf) of the day. [actually of wed and thurs]
Wednesday: 7 iron played basically the whole first round of 9 holes with the 7. Of course using the sand/pitching/putter
when necessary. Did pretty awful too. 62 but didn't do as poorly as I did that afternoon or on Thursday.
Thursday: the 7 iron ( the letter L for "Laura's club" abandoned me along with my putter) so being the fickle person I am,
the favorite for the day would have to be the 8 iron. Really wanted to piss the 7 iron off by going up just one
club. Maybe the Laura iron will be out of its grumpy, worm-burning state today.
Friday: yet to be determined, will know by the end of the day "couples match" maybe we'll lose :) just kidding I know we
will. We both NEED to seriously work on the "Mad skills"

So news for the week. We did end up getting out of our downtown contract to build a house on Mud Island. Bummer, but nice while it lasted, and our new love is hopefully to become our new home. (hopefully we'll be closing before the end of the month!!!) How awesome is that ;) I've obviously been playing golf (my only pastime for the last week.) Got my wisdom teeth out. Guess any bit of smarts I had left I just lost... I know, bad joke. Had another birthday to round it up a year. (feeling old) and to top off the week I applied for one job (with no call back, HUGE BUMMER!) but put in an application at another and was hired on the spot. It was hilarious, but sadly I will likely need to look for something else too. (the job doesn't guarantee any hrs. 0-20 maybe) soo.. big bummer for the need to make at least some money, but nice b/c it is back in the same shopping center I been in for 4 years :) LOL. It also helps that I knew the person who hired me, girl from church and the University of Memphis. I will hopefully be on the schedule for the following week! (BTW I am going to be working for Williams-Sonoma, need to brush up on the culinary knowledge and skills) pretty sweet. I'm holding out for a possible teaching job at the local church. (hoping to help with their IT stuff and maybe be a teacher's assistant) Who knows, but at least I can finally say I'm employed again :) mucho happy about that. Have a great weekend.

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