Saturday, May 28, 2005

They are out!

Well I stick my tongue out to all who tried to scare me about wisdom teeth. That was a piece o' cake! Weirdest feeling in the world to be on Nitrousoxide. Freaky. Felt like the tubes were going to crush me, and I thought I was going to feel the whole surgery. Man was I wrong! lol.
Supposedly I woke up and said "so when are we going to start" and I repeated myself.. a lot. So I meticulously spent the day switching sides with the ice = no swelling. SWEET!!! Ate a medium frosty from Wendy's over the course of that day. The only freaky part of the whole thing, I felt FINE, like nothing had happened, and almost fainted from losing some blood and from a twinge of pain. Today I helped dry and nail clip 2 dogs. Vacuumed the living room after the flying fuzzballs, and played 9 holes of golf at Germantown for the first time. Pretty Damn good for the day after surgery. I'm darn proud of myself. Tomorrow looks like a busy day too :) pilates around 6 am, golf maybe 9 or 18 (haven't decided), the FedEx St. Jude classic for the final day, hmmm.. more anxious waiting for the response from the down town house (waiting for them to say what the heck will happen with the contract) and pray to gosh that the new find will not be bought before tues so we can have it! wouldn't that be the coolest birthday present!!

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