Sunday, May 08, 2005


It has been a wonderful week back in our humble town of Memphis. I could have gagged, no that's not right, I about choked, no I DID choke when I heard the TV commercial for an "Elvis" mini-series/movie on tonight. Sad thing is, the darn thing was being shown throughout the nation. Guess I'm bitter because I had to watch those stories so many times when I was a kid. I about died laughing when I went to visit the parents tonight. I knew for darn sure they would be watching the stupid show, and to top it of I even knew they'd be recording it too. Its pitiful. It is hilarious how we would leave the city and Elvis would follow us like a bad horror movie ghost ("Scream" comes to mind :) ) Maybe it has something to do with my parents curse?? (Mom born on his birthday and Dad on his death day?) eh not a curse, just a weird coincidence.
Neway, tonight is a bit of an adjustment. It's like I'm back to the days before I was married. My first night sleeping alone in almost a year. I am thanking God for our little pup. I don't know what I'd do without her. She will be my savior when we move into our new house. Being alone is going to be an adjustment. Besa is funny, she always checks for him when we come home separately. I fear this week is going to be a rude awakening for her. She'll likely drive me nutz wondering where he is. Bummer.. but they are VERY attached to each other. Cute though. She's chosen to leave the side of the bed open, just in case he decides to come home tonight. Love you Bear.

Bummers for the week. David won't be home till Friday, I am getting so much closer to having my wisdom teeth out (consultation on Tues) and I didn't get to go out with Charity tonight.. bummer! But I know something good will come out of the week.

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David said...

You aren't so alone as you think you are. I love you and I'll see you soon.