Sunday, May 22, 2005

Greedy.. No??

The weeks are winding down. Boring, but it's been a bunch of fun to go out with old friends! Must take it in before they off and move away too. David and I now belong to Germantown Country Club,we've decided our golfing habit is going to be more of a continuous thing, we decided to go ahead and shoot for it. Good exercise, chance to meet some people and a beautiful place to go. We just need to get out and use it before the temperature hits 110 degrees. Oh how I love Memphis Summers, and allergies! YUCK! ack hack, sneeze, sneeze.
I am now totally motivated to get my butt up and going on the job hunt :) needless to say, the faith in our "downtown" house being finished, well at the moment hopefully it will be freakin started this year, ((totally blowing that out of proportion)but, that may not matter any more). I began looking in the Germantown area (where we have grown up and learned to love as well). Didn't take long for David and I to fall in love with something. Oops. It took, less than 15 min. Oops again. Never would have expected that. Sometimes things work out better in the long run and all I can say is hopefully this will work in our favor. ((I am crossing my fingers, and arms and toes)) We are totally in love with this one. Just have to justify that we can afford it, and also that we'll stay in it for A LOT longer time. [don't think that will be a problem]

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Anonymous said...

Remember, when you're writing, you have to tell us, the reader what you fell in love with. I'm assuming a house, but for all I know, it could be a awesome car!