Sunday, October 03, 2004


Finally went to church early this lovely morning. Its about time, having been here for going on 3 months. Everything takes time.. and I would be lying if I said it wasn't wierd going away from home.
#1 ... nodd... just don't know what to say. Kinda sorta like home.. just a little. Felt totally stared at but hey, its because we are new.
#2 My lord you have to give to have a church up here. Mortgage of 47K a month! Get out of town. I never really thought of having to pay to go to church before, but I know to have a place of worship even dream of surviving, you MUST give. I think I realize I can appreciate the free ride in the past, and I now need to prepare to give for the future.
#3 This congregation is stinkin lucky. Your people can actually sing, there are kids who play instruments ( nice one's at that ) for you and are very talented. (you could use some SERIOUS work with that handbell choir, they were pretty sorry!) the church has a sound engineer. Cmmon give me a break. You don't get that in Memphis! normally.
#4 Only here would you find a police officer directing traffic for a Catholic church. (as David pointed out) I thought I had died and gone to heaven thinking the Baptist population doesn't always have everything.
Finally, as a little side note
#6 David's comment: "not many people go to chuch around here" (in response the the filled parking garage) My response: It's cuz they are Catholic. If it were the same Baptist filled condo you would find down south, the lot would be a deserted wasteland, the entire day. (I must give them props) I know bad, bad, but I count myself in with 'em. It's not Christmas, Easter, Lent, a special holiday, so what do you expect. I am kidding, but they were WORSE than us for leaving chuch after the Eucharist. :) father's down south, count yourselves lucky more than half stick around!
God... it was good to be in your presence again. I missed you.

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