Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mmm debates... Fuuun.

I am not one to step up to confrontation. When someone plans to talk to me about something they are steadfast about, go ahead, I'll nod and smile. I really shouldn't always take it , but I don't ever feel I know enough about a subject to be able to banter with someone. Especially when they choose to vent on me about something political. Geeze there are a lot of em up here. (political people I mean) But wait that comes with the territory, I'm almost in D.C. Can you imagine coming to work and on the board someone has written "have you registered to vote, Can you name the political leaders in your area"... sigh mercy. yes I have registered: its the first time in my life I feel I can finally make a conscious decision about my choice and back it as well. I think its time to exercise my right to democracy. On with the realization of the day: No matter what you do to gain information within an organization, its virtually impossible to get a consistent answer! Whatever happened to, or maybe there never was, consistency and continuity within an organization? Not to name names I am "red flagged" likely due to the fact I have just recently married. "No you are just fine in the computer, you were probably flagged due to they thought you were not a US citizen." WTF?? C'mmon people those answers are on two completely different hemispheres. At least when I give you the reason given to me by someone else within your organization, can't you back them up? Nope, guess not. Gotta make up your own stupid reason. Eh whatcha expect. Debates... eezz tearin' him up one side and down the other. Its a debate of two totally different generations. "Boy sit down and shut up" ... lol

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