Thursday, October 07, 2004

Today...for lack of a better title

To start with, there really hasn't been much of today to talk about.

I am a complete bum. I woke up and took a shower. No sooner had David left for work, I was back on the couch sleeping with Besa. Well, not a bad thing, since I got some really nice sleep :) Unfortunately I slept through some good HBO movies. Eh they'll be on again, no doubt about it.
Like Tuesday, I spent the time while I was awake cleaning the house. I can't emphasize enough how much work it is (and we only have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, on the same freakin floor!) I have to give
MAJOR props to women who are the cleaners of the house, work 40 hours a week, and come home and manage to cook as well. You are AMAZING, and I am sorry if no one has ever told you that before. I look at myself with only 2 real days off (not counting my usual Sunday off) and can't imagine why the hell I'd even want a house, especially when there would be little time to enjoy it if you have to spend days off keeping it straight. No fun, no fun at all.
I know after all my rambling I am about to talk about what I did today, a complete contradiction to all my whining about keeping the place straight. I went to check out a new dwelling, due to a postcard from the mail yesterday. Needless to say, pretty nice places, but not like Vienna. I think I may be in trouble. Too spoiled from the nice surroundings. Our little town is very similar to Germantown. (the place I will ALWAYS call my home) Vienna is a little very quaint town, a lot more packed in with shops than Germantown, but in every other aspect very similar. While work at Tyson's seems to only be a few blocks away it always takes 15+ minutes to arrive. One thing I did a great job taking advantage of at home. Pretty much no traffic to worry about so I was bad about waiting till the last minute to leave.

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