Sunday, October 03, 2004


Guess what! I now have my very own full set of golf clubs, crazy hu?!
Think I might just get serious about this stupid sport. Well it's not stupid, so don't get offended. I just swore up and down I'd never get into golf of all sports.
Lesson number 1 : Never swear :)
but for the moment I'd take anything to get out of the condo and get my butt in shape, cuz I'm packing on the pounds like a Christmas turkey :( Gunna do something to fix that hopefully. I made sure to test 'em out today too. Did pretty well.
I forgot to mention, I not only have clubs, but I am fully outfitted too. New bag, cool putter, some Nike balls and a glove. Can't ask for much more. I am extremely lucky! David may even end up stealing the putter if I don't guard it :) I'll keep with the updates on how the practicing is going. Don't think I just woke up one day and wanted clubs.. it was only a partial impulse. David wanted a new driver and it was all downhill from there :) Just kidding. He bought one and we immediately went looking to play somewhere. BOGEYS you can eat my shorts. This driving range kicks your ass and that's why you are only a memory. So we've been there every night for the past 4 days. I'd played with David's clubs for 3 days, but was itching again to get a complete set of my own. Thanks for making that come true babe. Pretty nice story hu?

Random: Where'd the weekend go? Guess that comes with working retail. (even though I can't really complain when it only takes up 5 hours of my Saturday) Gave the dog a bath today... doesn't that sound boring. Yes I have no life. The after debate discussions/arguments/attacks/hype/ flat out b/s is driving me nutz. Guess it comes with the territory (D.C. and XM news radio)

Here's a funny/ironic story for ya. Actually it's just one that pissed me off.
Just a regular old night playing playstation (our favorite for the moment Tiger Woods '05) we've been pretty occupied by buying the new virtual gear and competing against each other in tournaments. Well, earlyish evening on Thurs night, we wanted to relax, so of course out came the controllers. On with the power. NOTHING, not a damn thing. "DISK READ ERROR"
What the hell? So I looked it up online. 3 hrs went buy trying to fix it. Come to find out we have a stupid warrenty on the darn thing. So in roughly 2-3 weeks we may receive a voucher to get a new PS2. Nice, the one time we actually have the darn thing covered, it's worth it. But not really. We like to play games... every night. Sooo that's just not good enough. Ok.. 2 days go by. I slip, and say "why don't we just play... oops sorry we can't. Alright, let's just buy a new one." off to get a new one at Best Buy. Well after searching the racks.. where the heck are they? X-Box is out but no PS2. Mmmkay. Ask the sales d00d. Come to find out, let me see if I got this right, the Sony plant that makes the "chip" for the PS2 (whatever that means) burned down, and the workers went on strike (or something of that nature) Sooo they were completely sold out. "So there is a run on them???" well we had a few yesterday but they are sold out again.. Ok, Target. NOPE, bare shelves too. What freakin luck! Bad luck that is.

Ok, venting has ceased. I'm out.

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