Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Bittersweet day.

Bunch of swinging today... Major highs on the verge of major lows. I won't explain myself but I'll talk about one of the "lows" Today we officially signed the note to say we are not going to buy our condo. Well that makes me happy because we will have a lot more leeway to do fun things and have time together, rather than focusing on making payments, etc. But, I know now we will regret it. In a month we'll watch our place be bought for one and a half times the current asking price and know we could have made that money ourselves to help buy something for the future. But that keeps us from being tied to the ground of this condo. I love to look at places and am excited about considering other options (cross my fingers a condo may find its way to us) not likely but I can hope, maybe even a house... VERY LONG SHOT! :) but I am nostalgic due to the fact that I have never had a place of my own and I have really come to enjoy the the finer points of this place. Eh.. with one door closed.. you may find yourself in a tight little box, but remember even if there are no noticable doors.. someone had to put that box together thus the tape won't hold ya in forever and if you push hard enough you'll get out.

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